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Marcel Bodeman
(01/06/1937 - 1940) Préfet de Gironde
Léopold Chénaux de Leyritz
(25/06/1940 - 24/01/1944) Léopold Marie Frédéric Chéneaux de Leyritz, Préfet de Haute-Garonne et préfet régional de la région de Toulouse à partir de 1941 (Ariège, Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn et Tarn-et-Garonne et les parties non occupées des Basses-Pyrénées, de la Gironde et des Landes (1896-1970)
François Pierre-Alype
(01/08/1940 - 1942) Marie François Jules Pierre dit Pierre-Alype, Préfet de Gironde et à partir d'août 1941, Préfet régional de la région de Bordeaux (Basses-Pyrénées, Gironde et Landes) (1886-1956) Directeur de cabinet : Olivier Reige
Maurice Sabatier
(01/05/1942 - 1944) Maurice Roch Antoine Sabatier, Préfet régional de la région de Bordeaux (Basses-Pyrénées, Gironde et Landes) (1897-1989)
Maurice Papon
(06/1942 - 05/1944) Secrétaire général de la préfecture de la Gironde et dirige le Service des questions juives. Il est condamné en 1998 pour complicité de crimes contre l'humanité (1910-2007)
André Sadon
(24/01/1944 - 06/02/1944) André Paul Sadon, Préfet régional de la région de Toulouse (Ariège, Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn et Tarn-et-Garonne et les parties non occupées des Basses-Pyrénées, de la Gironde et des Landes (1891-1965)
Jean Cassou
(1944 - 1944) Commissaire régional de la République de la région de Toulouse (Ariège, Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn et Tarn-et-Garonne et les parties non occupées des Basses-Pyrénées, de la Gironde et des Landes (1897-1981)
Pierre Berteaux
(1944 - 1946) Pierre Félix Berteaux, Commissaire régional de la République de la région de Toulouse (Ariège, Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn et Tarn-et-Garonne et les parties non occupées des Basses-Pyrénées, de la Gironde et des Landes (1907-1986)
Léon Coursin
(Mai 1944 - 30/08/1944) Préfet de Gironde
Gaston Cusin
(30/08/1944 - 18/05/1945) Commissaire régional de la République à la Libération (Basses-Pyrénées, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne et Landes) (1903-1993)
Désiré Jouany
(18/05/1945 - 11/03/1947) Préfet de Gironde
Jacques Soustelle
(Mai 1945 - Juin 1945) Commissaire régional de la République à la Libération (Basses-Pyrénées, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne et Landes) (1912-1990)

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Adina Mantchik Cherkin

Texte pour ecartement lateral

Bordeaux 33000 Gironde
Nom de naissance: Mantchik
Nom d'épouse: Cherkin
Date de naissance: 1922 (Genève (Suisse))
Parcours : Visa délivré par Aristides de Sousa Mendes n° 865, le 18 mai 1940 à Bordeaux
Aidé ou sauvé par : - Aristides de Sousa Mendes
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Gena et Adina Mantchik
source photo : Sousa Mendes Foundation
crédit photo : D.R.

Herz Mantchik est né le 15 mars 1896 à Babruysk (Biélorussie) et Gena Kodriansky, est née le 13 avril 1889 à Baki, en Azerbaïdjan.

Ils se marient en 1920 à Genève (Suisse), où naît leur fille Adina.

Avec leur fille Adina, ils reçoivent des visas d'Aristides de Sousa Mendes à Bordeaux, le 18 mai 1940 qui leur permettent de rejoindre le Portugal puis les États-Unis.

Le témoignage d'Adina :

"On May 10th Holland had fallen to the Germans… We took the train to Paris, where we spent the night in an air raid shelter with Uncle and Aunt. They were to follow us to Bordeaux, for which we left the very next morning… Our train trip to Bordeaux took two days. Troop movements kept interfering. We stopped unexpectedly and never knew when we would start again. Inside, passengers sat on top of each other. Outside, there was tremendous disarray. Crowds were pushing in all directions, mostly servicemen. Food was hard to come by. There was none on the train. We made a stop at a small station and I ran out to get something to eat. I was just coming out of the little café with a loaf of bread, when I saw the train pulling out and Father at the window calling me frantically. I had no ticket and no money! Luckily, in the confusion, they hadn’t closed one train door and I jumped in on the run.
In Bordeaux, we arrived ahead of the big crowds of refugees and were able to get a hotel room. People were already having to sleep in cars and public places… We had to push on to Portugal. First, however, we had to cross Spain. The train stopped for an hour at the border town of Irun. Despite the objections of the Spanish R.R. officials, we decided to visit the town. It was a great shock! Only the church was standing. The Civil War had destroyed every other building… The natives would not talk to us… What scared, sinister faces they had… As soon as we crossed into Portugal, magically … all was smiles … tidy, inviting, manicured… What a relief!
In Lisbon, we were delighted to hear that an American ship, the S.S. Washington, was due to dock in two weeks… We were able to reserve a third class, bunk bed cabin for four, and we thought that we had reached the end of our problems.
In the wee hours of the morning, a monstrous siren startled us … so loud that we had to cover our ears. Then the ship stopped so abruptly that I was thrown from my bunk… Our steward entered our cabin without knocking and shouted: “Get dressed at once! Put on your warmest clothes … take all your valuables … and hurry up on deck to your life boat!” … On deck it was freezing cold. The passengers, most of them still in their nightclothes, were grumbling about the stupidity of holding a drill at 4:00 a.m., when it was so cold and windy! …
Now the crew was gathering up on deck, but now they were not smiling! I asked one of the them what was happening. He pointed at the horizon. “You see the light blinking there? It is a German submarine. It has given us 10 minutes to abandon ship. There are no lifeboats for the crew! We keep signaling to them that we are an American ship but they don’t seem to hear us!” … The ship’s morning bulletin explained that indeed it had not been a drill; that we had been stopped by a German submarine based in Spain; and that it had taken President Roosevelt’s intervention to get us released. Apparently the Germans meant to give the U.S. a warning! …
Most of the passengers on board, underdressed and exposed as they had been to the cold, became ill… We took the northernmost route to avoid the mines which dotted the Atlantic… The danger of hitting an iceberg was deemed preferable to being blown up by a mine. By the time we reached New York, I had lost 13 pounds, which I could ill afford to lose, and when the Statue of Liberty finally appeared, I could hardly care.

Herz Mantchik est décédé en août 1973 à Paris (France). Il est enterré à Beverly Hills, CA et Gena Kodriansky, est décédée le 13 février 1992 à Los Angeles, CA.


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Adina Mantchik Cherkin was born in Geneva, Switzerland to Russian parents.

Having grown up in Switzerland, she escaped the Nazis as a teenager. In 1940 she emigrated with her family to the United States and settled in Los Angeles.

Two years later, after having completed her pre-medical studies at UCLA, she was offered a job as a multi-lingual censor in Washington, DC. While in the Capitol, she was invited by the Roosevelts to have dinner at the White House, and Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for her to be interviewed for several government positions.

However, instead of pursuing a career, she married Arthur Cherkin, a biochemist in the pharmaceutical field.
They had two children, Della and Daniel, and five grandchildren.

While raising her family, Adina acted as an interpreter in French, English, German, and Russian for Baxter Laboratories, Walt Disney Studios, the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, and as a science translator for UCLA Medical School. Moreover, she occasionally took up acting in stage and radio productions. She was also involved in political campaigns.

After her children left the nest, Adina returned to UCLA where she earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Russian linguistics and literature.

In 1973, after her father’s passing, she took over his leadership of the Herz Mantchik Amity Circle, a cultural forum for Jewish studies. This subsequently earned her a Los Angeles City Council “Award for Contributions to the Community.”


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Auteur : Alain LAPLACE
Article rédigé à l'occasion de mes recherches généalogiques, puis la mise en ligne d'un blog (édié à la famille BOURSON qui a été expulsée en 1940 du village de Vigy (Moselle) et réfugiée à Mussidan (Dordogne) et les villages alentours où elle a vécu toute la durée de la guerre. Plusieurs personnes natives de Vigy faisaient partie des 52 otages fusillés le 11 juin 1944.

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